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INDIAN PRIME VIDEO  - Entertainment Begins Viral Movie – Viral Song – Viral News INDIAN PRIME VIDEO MOVIES CONTACT US – OUR SOCIAL NETWORK ABOUT US – PRABHAT PRODUCTIONS ARTIST FORM – ACTORS SINGERS WRITERS BLOGGER – PROFILE BLOGSPOT Indian Prime Video : Viral Movie | Viral Song | Viral News Indian Prime Video Presents Various Viral Song Music Video, Viral Movie and Viral News. Our Projects Indian Prime Video Youtube Channel , a unit of Prabhat Productions is making  Viral Videos  which consist various Indian Prime Video Viral Movie, Show & Sex Scandal, Music Video for Viral Song, Viral News Video on Latest News & Documentary and Viral Song for Poem (Kavita). Our viral videos are  Sasur Bahu NajayazSambandh ,  Fadfadaa ,  Realize ,  Clean India Mission ,  Crime Alert ,  Crime Alert Avaidh Sambandh ,  Crime Alert2019 ,  Crime Alert 2020 ,  Pewdiepie Despacito  2020. Indian Prime Video Channel is expertise in Viral Movie and Viral Song. Coming Soon Our Forthcoming Videos are “Ama

Viral Song Funny Dance in Fadfadaa Movie

Indian Prime Video  presents “Fadfadaa” Movie which is a Theatrical Hindi Movie based on an innocent person who is eager to take Revenge and become Psycho. Writer, Actor, Director, Producer and  Funniest Singer  Prabhat Kumar Mishra make this film under  Prabhat  Productions. Film will be released all over world in 2021. Most Viral Songs of this Movie are Funny Songs like “ Fadfada Bhai Fadfada ”, “ PewDiePie Despacito ” ,  Psycho Style Song " Sanki " , Romantic Songs like “ Jaanam Aa Jaana ”, “ Faili Jo Aasmaan me ”, " Jab Se Dekha " , Item Song " Meri Chadi Jawaani SuperHit " and Heart Touching Sad Song “ Sanam Hai Patthar Ka ”. Fadfada Bhai Fadfada Song PewDiePie Despacito Song Faili Jo Aasmaan Me Song Artists: Prabhat Kumar Mishra, Vaishali Patil, Kavita Uniyal, Raja Bhargava, Pramod Kumar, Rakesh Kumar, Jasmer, Ravesh Dogra, Pravesh Babbar(Bheem), Ashok Dutta, Akiriti Sinha. Lyricist: Prabhat Kumar Mishra, Devendra Dev, Sunita Kumari, Harbhajan Maan S